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11 Comments on Guestbook

  1. Ron Hurdel says:

    Thanks,Artie……with my good looks and your expertise,we’ll go far.The Dan S Campbell Chapter meets at Duke’s Sports Bar 0n the second Saturday of the month.Time:12:00 Place:US 19 Spring Hill,Fl. We Welcome all Paratroopers.

  2. Dominic says:

    Good start with the site. Simple and clean. Way to go! Airborne!

  3. Ron Hurdel says:

    Thanks,Dom the site is just like me! All the Way!

  4. hey guys please sign the guestbook .would like to know who is enjoying our web

  5. Ron Hurdel says:

    Our site has been up about a month now and you can count the number of respondents on one hand! Disappointing! Please provide us with some feedback. If you would like to renew/heighten your pride as a paratrooper check out the youtube video at: I believe that you will enjoy it.

  6. Robert Allison says:

    I am a AA member of the Ridgeway Chapter in Dayton, Ohio. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your website.
    Airborne, All The Way

  7. Eric Schofield says:

    Site Looks Great, Keep up the good work

  8. Ron Hurdel says:

    Sure is lonely here. No One has written on this page in over a week. Where are our paratrooper friends? Where are our Chapter members? See you at the BBQ on Monday,21 February at 1800 hours.

  9. Eric Schofield says:

    Ron you were right, I checked out YouTube , It Was OUTSTANDING
    Thanks again for the info.

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